PAKISTAN EDUCATION ACADEMY lays emphasis on self-discipline. Students are expected to respect the rights and privileges of others, accept the responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of their behaviour.

  1. Students/Parents are expected to follow the school timings in true letter and spirit as under:
    1. Arrival time not later than 07:15 am
    2. Departure time: 01:50 pm

    The School keeps a record of absentees to ensure punctuality and regularity at all times.

  2. It is the parent’s / guardian's responsibility to inform the School in case of leave / absence.
  3. No student is allowed to leave the School premises during School hours without parents’ / guardian’s request and written approval of the Head of the Section/School.
    1. Students are NOT allowed to bring mobile phones or any other electronic gadget.
    2. Students must turn up in their proper School uniform.

Behaviour Policy Click here to download the behaviour policy in PDF format

Cyber Safety Policy Click here to download the behaviour policy in PDF format

Health and Safety Policy Click here to download the Health and Safety policy in PDF format




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