Guidelines for the Complaint / Problem Handlers and Students for Lodging Complaint:

  • Confidentiality

Only the persons directly involved in the complaint/problem can have access to the information relevant to the student’s complaint/problem. Student’s details will be kept completely confidential, however the principle of natural justice may require disclosure of student’s details to the party student is making an allegation against him. Disclosure of student’s details is at the discretion of the person handling the complaint/problem.

  • Impartiality

All parties have a chance to justify themselves. No assumptions will be made or any action taken until all relevant information are collected and considered.

  • Free of repercussion or victimization

Complaint/problem handlers at all levels are to take all necessary steps to ensure that the student involved in a complaint/problem is not victimized in lodging or assisting with information concerning a complaint/problem. Disciplinary action will be initiated where victimization is reported/noticed against persons involved in a complaint/problem handling issue.

  • Vexatious or Malicious Complaints

Disciplinary action will be initiated against the students found involved in misleading the complaint/problem handlers.

  • Self-resolution

Opportunity may be provided to the complainant/problem creator to resolve their issue without intervention of the school’s management.

  • Sensitivity

All complaint/problem are dealt with appropriately which means with seriousness and sensitivity.


  1. Stage # 1
  2. If students are not sure how to handle the problem themselves, then option is there to speak to Class Teacher. If the complaint/problem is about the class teacher, students have an option to speak to Section Head concerned. The Class Teacher or Section Head makes all the possible efforts to solve the complaint/problem and provides feedback within three (3) working days. If the problem is not solved yet, then the students can go to stage-2.

  3. Stage # 2
  4. The Class Teacher requests to any one or more (depending on the nature of the complaint/problem) of the following as complaint/problem handler.

    1. SEN Coordinator
    2. Students Counsellor
    3. Section Head

    If the complaint/problem is about the Class Teacher, the Section Head will select from option (a) or/and (b). Any of the appointed complaint/problem handler will help the student to solve the problem and will provide the feedback to the student within three (3) working days, if the complaint/problem is not solved here, you will go through stage-3.

  5. Stage # 3
The complaint/problem handler will refer the student to the Principal in order to solve the problem. Accordingly feedback will be provided to the student within next three (3) working days.

Flowchart for Student Complaint Procedure;



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