To provide security to students, staff, building,property and material within institution.
To achieve this objective, the security staff observes the following procedure;

  1. Only authorized person(s) are allowed to enter the premises.
  2. Persons entering the premises can be divided into three groups: teachers and other staff, students, and visitors. Teachers and staff members are required to show their ID, and check-in and check-out at the time of entry and exit respectively. Security staff assumes greater responsibility to identify and allow students get into or out of the school. During schools timing, students can only leave with authorized permission. After the school, students of the KG level and the primary section and girl students of all ages and sections can leave the school accompanying by their parents / guardians. At the end of the school time, the security staff goes around the school to ensure that no student is left behind in any corner or unattended place such as lavatories, class rooms, labs, cafeteria/canteen. Visitors are allowed into the premises only with prior appointment and authorization; and their entry and exit are also recorded in register with relevant information.

  3. Supplies and Construction work
  4. There shall be no construction / repair work during the school timings. The supplies too shall not be made during the school timings.

  5. Emergency
  6. In case of an emergency such as fire or accident to some student or teacher / staff member, the security staff shall contact police, fire brigade, ambulance etc. and ensure their timely access to the place of an accident.In case of fire, collaborates with the Civil Defense and undertake safety measures.

  7. Traffic control
  8. The security staff shall be responsible for the smooth running of school buses by regulating their entry and exit.

  9. Property and building
  10. The security staff shall ensure that the property and all school belongings are kept safe against any damage or misuse. The security staff also makes sure that there is no un-insulated wire, or flowing tap etc. Upon noticing any abnormality, the staff reports to the concerned authority immediately.

  11. Security staff and its organization

A five member security staff works under the Head of Security, round-the-clock. There are four gates / entry-exit points; three are used by pedestrians, one is reserved for school transport. The Main Gate (Gate 1) is operated 24-hour. Students use this gate for coming in and going out of the school. In addition, Gate 2 is reserved for minors. The Reception Gate (Gate 3) remains open during the school hours only. It is mainly used by visitors and staff of the school. For the transport, Gate 4 (Mosque Gate) is used for transport which opens only at the start and end of the school timings.


It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that procedures agreed in this safety policy are complied with. In the event of an incident occurring, an enquiry into the incident will be carried out by the Senior Management Team and then discussed with staff. An evaluation of the effectiveness of procedures will be made and the policy will be amended if necessary. The policy will be reviewed on annual basis.



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