Pakistan Education Academy is an institute that aims to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and promote healthy life styles through a balanced programme of games, athletics, outdoor games, indoor games, and ensure safe practice through promoting high standards of behavior, during indoor and outdoor physical education sessions.

Children's with special education needs have entitlement to a broad and balance P.E programme, to the attainment of their specific needs. The best results we feel are achieved by matching the task and the resources to the needs of individual special education children.


To develop children's self-esteem and confidence.

To ensure that all children will be physically active and find enjoyment and fulfillment in physical activity.

All children will find a lasting sense of purpose, achievement and fulfillment in physical activity.

To develop children's knowledge and understanding of the body and its capabilities.

To teach children various skills ex. Motor skills, hand and eye coordination strategies and tactics in individual team sports.

To teach children about personal safety in relation to their bodies/ clothing and dangers in using equipment in appropriately.

To develop children's ability to cope with failure and promote a fair response to winning and losing.

To develop positive attitudes to physical endeavor including perseverance, fair play and sportsmanship.


We believe that all children including SEN students, irrespective of physical ability, race gender, have the right to reach their full potential in P.E and achievement, enjoyment, satisfaction and success at their own level.

Strategies for special education students:

Breaking down an activity into smaller achievable steps

Adapting and simplifying tasks so that success can be achieved

Presenting an activity slowly and clearly

Demonstrating an activity

Encouraging work with a sympathetic partner or teams

If a programme needs to be adapted then the teacher in charge will do this consultation with the SEN coordinator.

To Implement:

Each unit is planned so that there is progression in developing individual skills and tactical knowledge.



Each lesson, allows each child to develop the required skills at an appropriate level to their ability.



Each class (girls wing and boys wing) receives 40 minutes lessons per week.

Each class (kg wing and primary wing) receives 80 minutes lessons per week.

o Indoor P.E is based on timetable due to the availability of the hall and due to the weather.

o Playground or the school field is used for the outdoor activities.


Health and safety:

  Teacher should be aware of the dangers involved when using surfaces

All reasonable care should be taken to ensure the pupils working area is free from any danger

Pupil should be taught how to carry and use the equipment correctly

Teacher should make themselves aware of any medical conditions of the pupils includes SEN child



If an accident occurs during a lesson the teacher will ask the rest of the class to sit quietly while they attend to the injured child. If the accident is serious, then two sensible children (P.E class monitor) will be asked to call for assistance from the school nurse. The nurse will be alert and give first aid medication, parents/guardians well be contacted and a member of school staff will remain with the child at all times. The incidents will be reported on an accident form, to hand-over to the school section head. Children with asthma need to ensure they have inhalers prior to the lesson or have their inhalers with them (give to the P.E teacher) during the activity.


P.E Teachers:

Produce and revise the P.E policy and relevant scheme

Monitor equipment apparatus and its storage

Order new equipment when necessary

Attend relevant training course to update their subject knowledge

Be responsible for the safety of the children in their lesson, by following the health and safety guidelines

Any damage of P.E equipment to be reported to the P.E school equipment incharge


Dress code:

Girls and boys for kg and primary:

White pants

T-shirts according to their houses (blue, red, green, yellow)

White shoes and socks  



white long kamiz

white shalwar

white sports shoes and socks

wee according to their houses (blue, red, yellow, green)

white scarf

no jewelry allowed

hair tied at the back



white pants for grade 4 to 8

blue pants for grade 9 to 12

  t-shirts according to their houses ( red, blue, green, yellow)

white sport shoes and white socks


Healthy Eating:

Pakistan Education Academy promotes a healthy eating lifestyle to its children and staff. Parent whose children bring a packed lunch to school, are encouraged also to give their children a healthy nutritious and well balanced lunch that includes a fresh piece of fruit and water to drink.



Get healthy

Get social

Get relaxed

Get smart

Get confidence  

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