The Pakistan Education Academy Library aims to promote a holistic development of the students and faculty through nourishing an enthusiasm for reading and supporting the institution's mission.



The Pakistan Education Academy library envisions itself to be:

  • A library with a comprehensive collection of both text books and general references, fiction and non-fiction.

  • A Library which aims to develop the value of widening one's perspective in life through reading books, periodicals and other instructional materials.


The library collections consist of:

References Books, Text Books (subject), Fiction, Non-fiction, Encyclopedias, Atlases, Dictionaries, Serials, Magazines, Newspapers etc.


Inside the Library

  1. A total silence must be observed.

  2. No food and drinks allowed inside,

  3. Students must be handling the books with care

  4. Students should respect people who are in charge of the library

Policy of borrowing books

  1. A student can borrow two books at a time good for one week

  2. A faculty can borrow books five at a time good for one month

  3. A fine of 2AED must be fined for students who fail to return the book while 5AED for the faculty

  4. All general References books and serials are not allowed to be taken outside the library.

 Library Budget

The library should have a separate budget per year from school to have an updated and current collection. The Principal, teachers and the librarian are the people who will be responsible for selection and updated collection in the library.


A library must maintain a very lively and cool atmosphere for studying. Therefore, maintenance is very essential. A daily weekly dusting of the shelves is a must aside from the daily cleaning of the library. Books should be properly placed at the shelves to avoid easily torn-out of pages. Cleanliness and orderliness must be kept always.   

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