With a view to improve students’ regularity and punctuality, PEA has designed a policy which is applicable to almost all age groups of students studying in all the four phases of the school. Here are a few of the salient features of the policy;

  • Arrival time not later than 07:15 am
  • Departure time: 01:50 pm
  • The School keeps a record of absentees to measure punctuality and regularity.
  • It is the parents / guardians responsibility to inform the school in case of leave / absence.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without parents / guardians request and written approval of the Head of the Section/School.

The following rules must be followed by the students:

  • Attend school, classes and other school activities punctually. Skipping any of the above will be treated as truancy.
  • Absence from all school activities must be substantiated with a valid medical certificate.
  • In case where medical certificates are not applicable, parents/legal guardians are to approach the school requesting that their child / ward to be excused.
  • Permission to leave school before official dismissal is granted in special cases.
  • Permission must be obtained from the Head of the section or Head of the School.
  • Permission to leave school (T.C. Form) before end of term is granted for special cases. Permission is obtained from the Principal or Vice-Principals at least one month before.
  • Students must write an application explaining his/her reasons for absence. Such a letter must have his/her parents' signature as a confirmation.
  • If any student is absent for more than three consecutive days, she/he must inform the school office and/or class teacher for a record. If sick, a letter from a doctor is required.
Any leave not within the preview of the above mentioned categories will be considered as unexcused absenteeism.


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