Multi-purpose Grand Auditorium

The auditorium is one of the most expensive units of the school buildings. Our School auditorium is the centre of multifarious indoor activities for our students, which has a capacity of approximately 600 seats. The stage is a proscenium with an apron. The proscenium arch is 40’ wide by 20’ high, and the stage has a working depth of about 28’. Its sound system and lighting are adaptable enough to meet any need in a volume or a colour. We have a well-trained high school student crew supervised by an on-staff auditorium manager both of whom strive to make your experience a memorable one. Our stage crew's mission and slogan are one in the same: "Serving Your Show."

Our School Auditorium is utilized in promoting the aims of education. It provides the place for the assembly of students and teachers for opening exercise and announcements. Being a multi-purpose hall, it is used both as an Examination Hall and a gymnasium.

In addition to primarily being the meeting place for the entire PEA School Body, this venue hosts many educational and entertaining events.


Medical Care

Good health is not only important to a child's general well-being but also essential for a student's academic success. Children spend nearly half of their waking hours at school, so they need health care professionals available to ensure their safety and protection. And that's where school nursing comes in. School nurses are the main proponents of good health and safety for students when they are at school.

Our School nurses take care of the sick and injured people—amongst both teachers and students. They give them medicine, treat their wounds and give them emotional support in times of need.

Our School nurses provide as-needed emergency and non-emergency health care to students within the educational system. Our School nurses handle minor health problems and intervening with actual and potential health risks, dispense prescribed medications to students throughout the day and implement individualised health care plans for students with special health needs.

School nurses have nurses working in a private office setting where they can observe and treat students. The office has a medical table or couch, a desk, and a station to store medical supplies and prescription medications for students with chronic health conditions, including diabetes and asthma.


School Library

The School features a well organised library with the latest collection of books.

Our School library is where students and staff have access to a variety of resources. The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information, and to information technology. Our School library is distinct, because it supports, extends, and individualises the School Curriculum. It also serves as the centre and coordinating agency for all materials used in the school. It also includes access to local, regional, national and international information databases. The facilities, materials, equipment and staff of the School library as well as its operations are organised in such a way that they support learning within the pedagogic goals of the School.


Computer Laboratory

We have well-equipped Computer laboratories in all three Wings of the School which are Primary, Girls and Boys Wings. Computer laboratories not only provide basic computer training to the students from Grade I to VIII but they also cater to the requirement of SSC and HSSC curricula.

Computer training is imparted by highly qualified teachers.

To enhance Information and Communication Technology (ICT), our School Management has approved the revised scheme on ICT. To incorporate with the current need of computer for bringing about efficiency in learning and teaching at all levels, the IT Department comprising teachers and students is working in a perfect collaboration, making most of the facilities provided by the School Management.


Play Area for KG

Kids have a lot of energy and they require exercise to burn it off. They usually meet their physical exercise needs through playing. Climbing, jumping, running, hopping, crawling and sliding are all those ways in which kids can move their bodies while playing. Our School playground, exclusively for young children, caters for these activities.

Children love to go to the playground, and looking out the window, a swing set, is often enough to make kids ask the teacher for Games period. Our School playground is great for the children to make friends outside their classroom.

The School Playground becomes a be-hive of activities where children play, romp and frolic around these enhancing their emotional stability.



Sports and games are essential to human development, as it contributes to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth.

Our school playground provides children and youth with more than just a place to play in. For the physical fitness and health education, students enjoy sports and games in the open, also performing physical exercises under the training and guidance of a physical trainer.




Art Rooms

The School has two spacious art rooms, one in Girls Wing and the other in Boys Wing. The Art Rooms in our School are purpose-built, spacious working areas with a full range of facilities. All students of different age-groups benefit from the two creative and professional art teachers, who involve students in refreshing display boards, back-drops for stage performances, School decoration, cultural and national events, art competitions and art exhibitions.

Art is an official subject till Grade VII. The classes are taken by the respective art teachers. Our School ensures that students have access to a variety of materials and resources to support a broad spectrum of artistic mediums and techniques. These include collage, colouring, and projects made of different materials like wire, yarn, drawing and painting. Recycled materials are also used to express artistic talents.


ICT Rooms

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated throughout the curriculum as a teaching tool. Keeping in view the IT revolution, our School management has approved the revised scheme on ICT. The scheme aims to emphasize computer-aided teaching, computer education and enable students to benefit from interactive session of teaching and learning supported by ICT. At present every classroom in PEA has a multi-media projector and a computer to support learning.

There are about one hundred and sixty computers available for students to use, all connected to the School’s network running Microsoft Servers. Laptops are provided to the teaching staff. There is a PC in every classroom. Students and staff have a full-time access to High speed Broadband Internet and wireless network.


Home Economics Laboratory

Pakistan Education Academy, Dubai is the only Pakistani curriculum school to date, in UAE, which has a Home Economics Laboratory. Our Girls freely opt for ‘Food and Nutrition’ at SSC level and ‘Home-Economics’ at HSSC level in the offered curriculum of FBISE, Islamabad.

The Home Economics Laboratory is a fully-equipped place for teaching the girls culinary, domestic, and house-keeping traits. Our girls learn the art of textile designing and stitching, too.

In a nut-shell, Home Economics laboratory in our School properly equip the female students with the perception and skills suited to their responsibilities.



For better service, safety, security and support transportations facility has been outsourced to RTA.









Audio Visual Room

Our Audio-Visual Room is equipped with Televisions, DVD and VHS players, Over-Head Projector, Stereo Systems as teaching aids and an extensive collection of educational audio and video cassettes for KG students.


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