Admission Policy for Inclusion

It is our aim to promote inclusion so that Determined One's can achieve their full learning potential through access to broad, balanced, creative and challenging curriculum and a wide variety of opportunities and experiences. It is whole school responsibility to meet the needs of Determined Students.

The School believes that the admissions criteria should not discriminate against The Determined One's. All students undergo base line testing and the school needs to be aware of any TDO's upon application. The school decides what the best level of support is for each individual case and every effort is made to admit students who PEA feel can be successful in school Academic Program. The following outlines the procedures implemented in each building level.

  • All placements are subject to availability of seats.
  • The In charge Admissions receives all necessary documentation (updated medical, educational, or psychological assessment report (reports should not be older than one year), while medical report is not the priority for admission of TDO’s ,any relevant document from previous school, including other documents required for admission procedure, for a student's file and then presents it to Inclusion Department for review.
  • Sibling priority should be given at the time of admission for TDO's.
  • The student's intake assessment and testing is then scheduled by the In- charge admissions.
  • Head of Inclusion assesses the children coming into their specific grade level responsibilities whenever possible in order to build a personal relationship with both the parents and the student prior to the start date.
  • The Head of Inclusion also speaks briefly with the parents after the assessment and reviews the questionnaire that parents fill out regarding the specific learning needs of their child.
  • In case any medical condition exists, the case is referred to school medical officer for expert opinion.
  • The Head of Inclusion also speaks briefly with the parents after the assessment and reviews the questionnaire that parents fill out regarding the specific learning needs of their child.
  • Head of Inclusion assesses the student and makes a recommendation for placement in school.
  • The Section Head will then review the application and makes a recommendation for placement of the student in his/ her section.
  • The application is then reviewed by the school Principal and final decision will be taken about approved or not approval of the case.
  • After the registrar consults with respective staff member regarding class placement, the Inclusion department is informed by the Admission's office.
    • If the student has a specific learning need that can be accommodated best in any one particular classroom the Inclusive Support Team or Section Head discusses it with the teacher in question and then makes the recommendations to the admissionsIn-charge.
  • Inclusion Support Team, Teacher and Learning Support Assistance (as necessary) confer before the start date of the student in order to discuss any particulars in their file.
    • If a student’s file includes an IEP or other similar plan from a previous school, Inclusion Support Team reviews the document(s) and implement as many strategies as possible, while developing an IEP based on the documents provided. If there is no previous plan, and our assessment of the student identifies challenges in academic areas we put strategies into place in order to help them be as successful as possible at PEA.

Assessment Procedure
The following guidelines are followed for identifying students with special needs:

  1. Teachers fill out referral forms that specify the area of Concern (physical, behavioural, medical etc.) and give background information/observations of the child's condition.
  2. Head of Inclusion evaluates the referral and conducts/ obtains the following to confirm the teachers observed conditions:
    1. Interview/Informal assessment
    2. Classroom observation
    3. Feedback from other teachers
  3. If the child manifests signs or symptoms of a special needs condition, Inclusion Support Team along with the teacher (who issues referral) meet the child's parents to recommend formal assessment Parents are informed of the observed condition and the provisions that the school can undertake to assist the child.
  4. Concerned teachers are informed of the child's case and are given basic information on how to deal with the condition. Planned courses of action on how to help the child are relayed to them.
  5. Inclusion Support Teamdoes follow up of progress of the child through Interview/counselling.

Partnership with Parents
We value greatly the role of parents they play in their child's learning and the impact of parent's involvement on pupil's progress. Parents can make contact with staff by requesting a meeting. Parents are notified early of any concerns about their children. They are informed in person when a child's name is placed on the TDO's register. Parents are requested to cooperate with school and to provide all the required documents on time.Updates are relayed to parents to make them aware of how their child is progressing.



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