The Girls Wing consists of classes ranging from 1V to XII, for female students, with understandably an all-female staff. The building itself has an attractive design and is appropriately painted in green and white, symbolising our national colours. In addition to the classrooms equipped with ICT facilities, it has a spacious and fully-equipped Computer Laboratory, a Home Economics laboratory, an ICT Room, an Art Room, a multi-purpose auditorium, Counselling Room, a Staff Room, Coordinators’ offices, canteen and plenty of lavatories.



The curriculum followed is the National Curriculum of Pakistan (with Islam and Arabic books prescribed by the local Ministry of Education). The curriculum strives to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities and community life.


Unique Features of Girls Wing:


The first floor of the Girls Wing houses the School Auditorium; the centre of multifarious indoor activities for our students (including the Morning Assembly). It boasts approximately 600 seats. The stage is a traditional proscenium with an apron. Our sound system and lighting are versatile enough to meet just about any need in volume or colour.

The auditorium is utilised in promoting the aims of education as well as activities designed for all-round personality development of students. Indoor sports equipment has also been provided in the auditorium. In addition to being the primary meeting place for the entire PEA school body, this venue has hosted many educational and entertaining events, on both school and community level.



Girls Wing prides itself on being the centre of activities aimed at students' personal and social development.
The day starts with a very heart-touching and inspirational moral address by Staff and the Headmistress, during the Morning Assembly. We have a very well-planned and effective "tarbiah" (moral education) program in place which strives that our students' character should be that of practising Muslims and patriotic Pakistanis.

The character-building process is reinforced by the Student Counsellor, providing guidance as and when needed. There are class-wise presentations by the students on our core values also.



Girls Wing is a thriving hub of activities ranging from celebrations marking significant occasions, educational/field trips to enthusiastic participation in local community events. Our girls have won laurels at many a platform, one recent example being securing the third position at the 22nd Inter-School Quiz Competition, 2012-2013, at Islamia English School, Abu Dhabi.

Our aim through all these activities is the emergence of our students as individuals with well-rounded, confident personalities, able to play their part in the "global village" of the world while adhering to their roots and values.

Recently we have added special Tajweed lessons to all our classes so that our students can recite the Holy Quran properly. Alhamdulilla Namaz has been added to the Girls Wing also. The girls from Grade IV to VII go to the attached masjid to offer their Salah. The senior girls go to the auditorium for this purpose. On Thursdays, we have created a Club Hour for our students for co-curricular activities.



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